“Let Them Eat…Panzanella!”

My recent posts have been heavy and political and so I thought a fun, summer recipe would be the perfect way to completely skirt the current state of the world. If Covid-19 hasn't completely ruined your summer get-togethers, then I have the perfect summer recipe for you to share with friends and family. It's a... Continue Reading →

Careful What You Wish For

I can't wait until things smooth out all around the world so I can get back to writing about little nuances of Italian culture and beautiful hilltowns we've visited. Alas, until then, what is on my mind is politics and the state of the world in general. Right now I have a bone to pick... Continue Reading →

Born in the USA- versione italiana

Questi sono tempi strani. Questi sono tempi spaventosi. Questi sono tempi bui. Proprio quando pensavamo di avere una presa sul COVID, un poliziotto stronzo ha ucciso ingiustamente un uomo nero mentre altri tre agenti codardi stavano a guardare senza fare nulla. È stato un omicidio. Questo è chiaro. Nessuno può discutere su questo. La goccia... Continue Reading →

Born in the USA

These are strange times. These are scary times. These are dark times. Just when we thought we had a grip on COVID, some asshole cop murdered a Black man unjustly while three other cowardly officers stood by and watched and did nothing. It was murder. Make no mistake. Not one person has argued that. The... Continue Reading →

Time and Tide

Mother's Day. So bittersweet. I am so blessed to have my beautiful son who fills my heart with joy every single day; yet, I am still ripped in two on my second Mother's Day without my own mom. I'm still holding on. Holding on to her, to all that was her, all that she touched.... Continue Reading →

Wild Horses

This image isn't exactly what I see in my mind's eye but it's pretty close. The field should be greener and there should be more horses- hundreds more. One of my dreams has always been to see a herd of wild horses running across the plains. Which plains I don't know. But I can smell... Continue Reading →

Mad Hatter

I had naively imagined the very day that we would officially be released from lockdown here in Italy. Like wild animals being let out of our cages, I had envisioned a huge crowd in our little town's piazza with music, singing, cheering, confetti being launched into the air without caring where it would fall- hugs... Continue Reading →

Ramble On

Easter. Easter for me has always been associated with fond memories. It was always warm enough growing up in Fresno to wear a spring dress and of course, white patent leather shoes. I have posed for many a picture holding my Easter basket and standing in front of my house proudly donning my Easter Sunday... Continue Reading →

Chanel No. 5

Hello America. I think that based on everything I'm gathering from the news and social media, it seems as if New York is about 3-4 weeks behind the situation here. It hurts my heart to watch it unfold in my home country. I'll just prepare you now that we have over 15,000 deceased as of... Continue Reading →

Oceans Apart

Here in Tuscany we are approaching our fourth week in lockdown. I haven't been further than 200 meters (980 feet) away from my house in over three weeks. That's not a random distance that I made up- it's actually the law that applies to leaving your house on foot with no real destination. Technically, that... Continue Reading →

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