About Last Night

Last night something magical happened. Last night an entire nation united and rose up together from over 16 months of darkness. From every living room, every piazza, every major monument across Italy, our cheers echoed in unison and carried all the way across the Channel to our English "neighbors". Last night, I was Italian. During... Continue Reading →


Photo by Farzad Sedaghat on Pexels.com I typically don't spell out my title for you in the very beginning of the post, but this time I have little time for metaphors. I'm coming straight out with it: "Bound". Bound as in, it was bound to happen. Bound as in, we are housebound, and as in,... Continue Reading →

4 Minutes

Music has an uncanny ability to instantly transport you back in time. Typically, it's the songs of our youth that have this power over us even almost 30 years later. Thanks to Italian radio for playing the most random compilation of songs on the planet, for about 4 glorious minutes today, I was teleported back... Continue Reading →

Through the Glass

You ask me who we are; you ask me what happened to us. They are not us. They are not me. They are not 330 million citizens of the greatest democracy that has ever existed. So who are we? I can tell you, not because I'm there, but because I've had time to step away... Continue Reading →

A Donkey With No Ears

Every year for as long as I can remember, I have faithfully unpacked the Christmas decorations. And since 1988, possibly my most precious box has held my Nativity set. I refer to it as "mine" because I made it in my Arts and Crafts class with Mrs. Duncan in the 7th grade. I can close... Continue Reading →

My Jar Does Not Runneth Over

2020...I had good intentions. Last December, I pinned a "happy jar" to one of my Pinterest boards and low and behold, I actually created it. The jar itself turned out to be more of a "Pinterest fail" but how appropriate it seems now given the year we've all had. The concept was for us to... Continue Reading →

Fading Flags

Disclaimer: This is not my house. I've been watching the flags' colors fading since the beginning of COVID last March when everyone was patriotic. When we hung them we were united for a common cause singing from our balconies and terrified someone we loved would get this mysterious disease. Our flag that I proudly hung... Continue Reading →

“Let Them Eat…Panzanella!”

My recent posts have been heavy and political and so I thought a fun, summer recipe would be the perfect way to completely skirt the current state of the world. If Covid-19 hasn't completely ruined your summer get-togethers, then I have the perfect summer recipe for you to share with friends and family. It's a... Continue Reading →

Careful What You Wish For

I can't wait until things smooth out all around the world so I can get back to writing about little nuances of Italian culture and beautiful hilltowns we've visited. Alas, until then, what is on my mind is politics and the state of the world in general. Right now I have a bone to pick... Continue Reading →

Born in the USA- versione italiana

Questi sono tempi strani. Questi sono tempi spaventosi. Questi sono tempi bui. Proprio quando pensavamo di avere una presa sul COVID, un poliziotto stronzo ha ucciso ingiustamente un uomo nero mentre altri tre agenti codardi stavano a guardare senza fare nulla. È stato un omicidio. Questo è chiaro. Nessuno può discutere su questo. La goccia... Continue Reading →

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